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Die Reclamation

Die Reclamation

Wires and Applications

The Forgeweld range of welding consumables and machines are designed specifically for the repair and reclamation of dies, tools and auxiliary equipment used in the forging industry.

Forgeweld Wires
The Forgeweld welding consumables are a range of high quality flux cored gas-shielded wires that are designed to maximise the protection of the weld deposit without compromising usability. The Forgeweld product range extends from low-alloy products suitable for localised repair to nickel based materials for the repair of GFM hammers.


The Forgeweld welding machines designed and manufactured by Corewire Ltd enable consistent high quality weld reclamation of hot forging dies and equipment. Forgeweld welding machines, an integral part of the Forgeweld process, have been exploited by major forges around the world to reduce the cost of tooling and optimise performance.

The Forgeweld welding machines can achieve weld deposition rates of up to 18kg/hr. The highly efficient welding compares very favourably with manual welding rates of 4 to 5Kg/hr, whilst ensuring the quality of the deposit.

The fully enclosed welding cell protects the operator and environment from the heat, ultraviolet radiation and fumes generated by the welding process.

Touch Screen Control. The Forgeweld machine welding parameters are controlled by a touch screen interface for simplicity. The control system incorporates pre-programmed welding parameters and remote control of the welding torch movement in three axes to ensure consistent high quality weld deposits.

A Flexible Approach. The flexibility of the Forgeweld welding machines allows the reclamation of dies ranging from small connecting rod inserts to large axle beam die blocks to the same high quality. Powered die loading systems, manipulators and rotators can be included as required.

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