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Roll Cladding

Roll Cladding

Wires and Applications

Weldclad is recognised as a world leader for the supply of roll cladding solutions for customers within the Steel and non-ferrous producing industries. Developed utilising experience, knowledge and partnerships within the industries we serve, the Weldclad brand offers a wide range of welding wires with compositions to suit the modes of failure and characteristics associated with the harsh and varying environments within which they operate.

The Weldclad range of consumables was originally developed for submerged arc welding and has been extended to include selected products for open arc and shielded applications. Weldclad Wires are manufactured to tight specification limits, delivering consistent weld chemistries, microstructures and mechanical properties. The extensive range of Weldclad products provide the right balance of properties for each application. Whether the need is to maximise resistance to crack propagation, provide corrosion resistance, or maximise wear resistance there is a Weldclad welding consumable to suit even the harshest conditions.


The Weldclad Roll Welding Machines designed and manufactured by Corewire Ltd enable the economical cladding of new and reclamation of used process rolls. Available with single or multiple welding heads, and capable of welding multiple rolls simultaneously, the Weldclad roll welding machines are designed to ensure highly efficient, high quality roll surfacing and reclamation.

Weldclad machines are based around the submerged arc welding process for maximum efficiency. The very high deposition rates attainable on the Weldclad roll welding machine achieves optimum roll throughput. Exposure to Ultra-violet radiation and fume emissions is eliminated with the submerged arc welding process. Together with minimal operator input, the Weldclad roll welding machines set the standard for effective practice.

Our customer-orientated approach to machine design and build ensures the capability of the welding machines satisfies your exact requirements. Whether welding foot rolls of 100mm in diameter or pinch rolls at 900mm diameter, Corewire have the capability to deliver a Weldclad roll welding machine to meet your requirements.

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