Steel Versatility....

#FridayPhoto - #Steel is used everywhere and is one of the most versatile, widely recyclable and reusable products on earth. It is great to be a

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Roll Cracking.

#FridayPhoto - Thermal control of rolls during roll welding is essential. Pre-heat, inter-pass, slow cooling and Post Weld Heat Treatment are all

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Thinking of The People in Venice

#FridayPhoto - Thinking of all the people in #Venice this week. We visited #Treviso nearby and even though the weather was fine on the day we

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Another Successful Weldclad Machine Installation

#FridayPhoto - Another successful #Weldclad machine installation in the #USA. Twin head submerged arc roll welding machine. Weldclad machines are

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Large Cortech Roll Order Delivered.

#FridayPhoto - Just some of the hundreds of new #Cortech rolls manufactured for a customer of ours using one of our #Weldclad, two layer, over

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Billet Caster Roll Life

#FridayPhoto - Billet caster rolls are often seen as a consumable item with little thought given to performance and increasing operational life.

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Slab Caster Roll Strategy

#FridayPhoto - #Steel slabs are cast in a continuous slab caster. The roll surface condition, wear and modes of surface degradation are essential

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Let's Talk Roll Strategy....

#FridayPhoto - Continuous caster roll corrosion significantly reduces roll life and results in premature roll and segment removal. Increase roll

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