More Successful Roll Trials

#FridayPhoto - We continue to develop more #RollWelding wires and #RollStrategies with our customers to solve their roll wear issues. This roll

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Mega Engineering

#FridayPhoto - We see some great things on our #GlobalTravels. #Engineering is in our blood and this is some serious engineering at Heathrow

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Roll Cracking.

#FridayPhoto - If you have Continuous Slab Caster #RollCracking issues? Then you need to talk to us about your #RollWelding strategy. We will

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Global Travel

#FridayPhoto - We saw some amazing sights on our #GlobalTravels in #2019. This has to be up there with the best of them. Looking forward to many

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Where does the time go??!! Wishing all our customers, partners and friends a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! Thanks to everyone we

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Weldclad Machine Installed and Commissioned.

#FridayPhoto - Yet another successful #Weldclad machine installation and commissioning. Ready to #WeldRolls and implement a structured

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Offload of our NEW GIMAX drawing line.

The arrival and offloading of our brand new #GIMAX drawing line was fantastic to witness! Great job by all those involved in the safe transport

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Next BIG Investment Just Arrived at Corewire!!

#FridayPhoto - Another BIG investment just landed at Corewire Limited. Our new #GIMAX Drawing line delivered and waiting for installation and

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